WHAT WE'RE READING: Indicators for Industrial Still Positive in Robust Central Texas Market

A recent Wall Street Journal article is reporting a tightening Industrial market.

Titan saw this supply trend well in advance of the Wall Street Journal (and CBRE) reports. The development team has been active in the highly robust central Texas market for the last five years. We consider the basic economic study of supply and demand central to each and every deal in our portfolio no matter the asset class. 

Industrial supply is at its lowest measure since 2000. Titan has stayed ahead by finding sites located in areas of large population growth which are also near the high use trucking routes that end users seek. There is 304,000 square feet of industrial space currently under construction and 155,00 square feet in design as part of TDREF I.

Titan Industrial Park Schertz - Building 1
Titan Industrial Park Schertz - Building 1